Recycle your Candles Here!

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Cavanagh & Baker are committed to be being as eco-friendly as possible, being located on the Isle of Wight UNESCO Biosphere, surrounded by beaches, rivers,parks and woodland we strive to keep our habitat as beautiful as nature intended. 

With this in mind we have now launched our new candle recycling initiative, aiming to keep paraffin wax, chemicals and plastics away from nature by recycling your left over wax & containers into our new Aurora recycled range of products.

All you need to do is collect your old candles from around your home and drop them to 103 High Street Shanklin and we'll get to work on recycling them to keep candle and cosmetic chemicals out of landfills and waterways.

We strongly believe in simplicity, lowing carbon emissions from transport and keeping our beautiful county clean & green.

Take a look at the 4 step process below & we look forward to seeing you soon.


Step 1 

Collect your old candles, containers jars & wax from around you home or business


Step 2

Drop off at Cavanagh & Baker

Ceramic Cup

Step 3

We'll melt down and recover, the wax for recycling into something new. 

containers will then be cleaned refilled, reused or recycled.


Contributors can receive 20% off Cavanagh & Baker's Aurora recycled range in store!