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The Wellbeing Collection

SKU: 9290

This fragranced set of five 100ml purposeful, remedial candles include the following fragrances: Rest, Balance, Calm, Breathe and Energise.

Made with 100% Soy Wax with a traditional plaited cotton wick & 100% pure organic essential oils.


Rest – A calming blend to soothe and promote rest, relation and a restful, deep sleep.

Balance – Warming, soothing and relaxing.  This centering aroma helps to restore hormonal balance and relieve emotional stresses, tension and fatigue.

Calm – This beautiful blend alleviates the effects of anxiety, promoting a sense of stillness, calm and grounding.

Breathe – A powerfully fresh and uplifting blend commonly used to alleviate bronchial congestion.  Invigorating and uplifting.

Energise – A refreshing blend of crisp and sweet citrus. Uplifting, energising and promoting mental and physical alertness and focus.